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Here you can find all sorts of books to help you on your spiritual journey.

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Most Bracelets are handmade by us to ensure quality.

Essential and Fragrance Oils




Pocket Stones

  • Amethyst

    Amethyst is known as the “Stone of Peace” that raises the vibrations of both people and spaces. In doing so, it encourages spiritual development and intuition while enhancing psychic abilities. A stone often used for Protection against all entities.

  • Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz is primarily a love stone.  It also helps keep warmth
    in relationships and helps prevent fighting and negative energies
    entering your aura. It represents bringing love of all kinds into ones life

  • Sodalite

    Sodalite is ideal for enhancing communication skills, such as public
    speaking and writing. It encourages the expression of your inner truth
    and helps you conquer timidity, insecurity, shyness, confusion,
    illusions, fear, and indecision. 

  • Burning Sage

    The ritual or practice of burning a bundle of dried sage is called sage
    smudging. There are different types of sage available but the most popular is white sage. The smoke’s role is to absorb all the negative energies and convert and blend them with the positive energy as it dissipates into the air. As the smoke blows into the air, you are sealing your intention for cleansing and clearing.

  • Burning Frankincense Resin

    Frankincense, similar to White Sage or Palo Santo, acts as an energetic purifier. For years, frankincense has been used in religious and spiritual spaces to cleanse one’s aura. This means that burning frankincense resin will help to cleanse and
    realign your chakras, leading to a feeling of balance and ease.

  • Spraying Florida Water

    Florida Water is often used for the spiritual cleansing of spaces and items. The water is used to remove negative energy from a space. Sprinkling it or spraying it through a spray bottle throughout the room to remove heavy vibrations and encourage the healthy expression of emotions

  • Money

    Do you want to attract money and create opportunities? It starts by
    investing in yourself, cleaning the negative energies and making room for the positive energies. Spark the opportunities with this powerful candle.

  • Positive Energy

    Our Positive Energy Candle is made to cleanse and purify your spiritual and emotional body. It replaces negative energies with positivity and helps to remove blockages. This is the perfect candle for you if you are having a bad day or you just feel like you need a pick-me-up.

  • Love

    Love unconditionally and without reservation. Release fear, resentment, and envy. Allow yourself to be open to love, happiness, and connection. Promote Love by setting your intention into the candle, manifesting all forms of love, whether that be self love,romantic love, or unconditional love.


Our Mission

For many years we dreamed of opening up a metaphysical store with the hopes of be able to provide people with all the tools people need to make them selves better.