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Dragon's Blood Satya Incense Stick (15g)

Dragon's Blood Satya Incense Stick (15g)

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Traditionally the practice of burning incense has been around for Milennia most often being used for ceremonial or religous purposes.  Incense come in may different forms such as sticks, cones, resin and most often essential oils are added to create a wonderful aroma. 


Dragon's Blood is a very unique scent that comes from resin extracted from specific types of trees.  Naturally earthy and sweet tones these scents are a must for any aromatherapy enthusiast.

Energy workers rejoice, Dragon’s Blood incense is here! And how can you not be curious about an incense with a name like Dragon’s Blood? I smile when people ask me if Dragon’s Blood is, in fact, blood from a dragon. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Dragon’s blood is the common name for resin from the Dracaena tree, the sap of which is bright red and looks convincingly like blood. Dragon’s Blood is widely known as a powerhouse against negativity, and for its ability to amplify the potency of your magical workings. It is excellent for clearing energies!

The deeper magic of my Dragon’s Blood incense

Dragon’s Blood is truly one of my favorite scents of all time. I find its musty, deep, and slightly sweet scent intoxicating and sexy. Across cultures and throughout history, Dragon’s Blood has been prized as a grounding, and extraordinarily powerful protector against negativity and lower vibrations. Honor the element of fire, the direction of the South, and the Spirit of the dragon with these aromatic incense sticks.

  • Each 15 gram pack contains around 12, 15 incense sticks
  • The original and best Satya Sai baba nag champa incense from the Srinivas sugandhalaya factory

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