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Pokemon Pikachu Orange Calcite

Pokemon Pikachu Orange Calcite

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Orange Calcite Properties & Meaning

Orange Calcite is found abundantly in many large, natural deposits around the world. It was named after its incredible resemblance to a peeled orange, and its colour ranges from yellow to orange. Thissoft crystal (with a hardness of 3) not only resembles oranges, it similarly nourishes and nurtures the body and soul. Moreover, it is a powerful amplifier of positive energies, such as joy, happiness, excitement, and humor. Orange Calcite also stimulates self-confidence, creativity, playfulness, and sexual energy. This mood booster promotes the full enjoyment of life, and enhances your ability to have fun, experience pleasure and appreciate the little things in life. Ultimately, Orange Calcite represents abundance, courage, and a strong belief in yourself. It also brings a more positive outlook and attitude towards life, namely by releasing fear and anxiety. This beautiful semi-precious gem recharges and cleanses both the body and aura. It focuses your attention on the present moment by awakening your inner child and bringing it back to life. Finally, Orange Calcite also encourages change, trying new things, and, most importantly, making good choices on the challenging journey to discover your true potential.

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