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Spiritual Landing

Wolf Carving Necklaces

Wolf Carving Necklaces

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Bloodstone Properties & Meaning

Bloodstone is also known as “Heliotrope,” which derives from the ancient Greek word meaning “Sun Turner” due to the belief that it could turn the sun’s rays blood-red. Throughout history, Bloodstone has also been appreciated as a grounding crystal that helps to uncover hidden talents, overcome timidity, dissolve blockages, regain control over your life, and provide determination to achieve your goals. This gem represents integrity, stability, respect, and justice, and is quite useful when struggling with decision-making. It helps to combat loneliness, fatigue, and sadness, while also removing self-imposed limitations. In addition, this gem is ideal for physical activity, as it provides a boost of stamina, endurance, vitality, strength, courage, confidence, and increased energy levels. Due to its dark green hues, Bloodstone is often associated with the natural regenerative powers of the Earth.

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