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Spiritual Landing

Crystal Turtle Necklace

Crystal Turtle Necklace

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Native American fables states that the turtle carried the weight of the Soil on its back, and thus, ‘Turtle Island’, an American landmass, was made. The popular legend related with it says: Some time recently the creation of the Soil, there existed Sky Individuals on an island who drifted within the sky. One day, the Sky woman found that she was almost ready to birth to twins. When she shared this upbeat news with her spouse, he was angered and pushed her down a gigantic gap within the center of the island. She landed securely as two feathered creatures caught her in time, and to make her comfortable, the creatures of the ocean burrowed out the mud from the foot of the ocean and made an island on the back of a turtle. It is accepted that this mud spread quickly all over the island, and lo and observe!, made North America and the Soil.

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