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Spiritual Landing

Septarian Nodules Large

Septarian Nodules Large

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Septarian: Properties & Meaning

Septarian comes from the Latin word “Septum” which means “partition” in reference to the cracks and separations in the stone. This crystal was formed over 50 million years ago due to volcanic activity. Septaria is a mixture of Calcite, Aragonite, Limestone and Baryte. This Crystal brings strength, courage and vitality. It enhances leadership, public speaking, self-esteem, patience and helps relieve stress. It attracts harmony and clarity in human relationships, facilitating communication between people. It helps manifest ideas and encourages one to take action. This stone resonates strongly with both the earth and fire elements making it ideal to reconnect with nature or undertake action where it’s necessary. Therefore, Septaria can also help a person to live their lives with energy, excitement and vitality similar to that of fire.

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