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Spiritual Landing

Unakite Tumbled

Unakite Tumbled

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Unakite has a unique and sensitive energy that blends the nurturing and growth symbolized by green with the love and innocence symbolized by pink. It is a kind and compassionate stone, and one of the best for developing and nurturing your emotional health. 

Unakite is a traditional stone for children and childhood, symbolizing their prospects for their future

How Will Unakite Help You?

If you are feeling like you have no options, like you are trapped and don’t know what to do, or like you are being forced to sacrifice one important part of your life for the sake of another, then unakite might be the stone to help you through this difficult time.

This unakite meaning is extremely valuable to everyone who comes across it – that talent for measuring the short term and long term gains of a given situation is always difficult, even to the most pragmatic among us.

The intrinsic qualities of balance and harmony within unakite helps massively in finding this balance – and reminds us that, whatever age we might be, there is always the chance of a fresh start and a broad road awaiting us.

It also helps you to have the mindset to stick with those things you find almost unbearable after a time, with the promise that a new dawn is just around the corner.

This is a highly nurturing stone, which is also part of why it was traditionally given to children.

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