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Spiritual Landing



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Emerald Properties & Meaning

Many claim that Emeralds hold the powerful “magic of nature,” and promote unconditional love. Emeralds also enhance your connection with Mother Earth and your higher-self. Moreover, its intensely beautiful green colours represent the abundance of Gaia. This is why it’s believed that Emeralds can attract prosperity, luck, wealth, growth, and love. Indeed, Emeralds are powerful magnets that can raise your vibration and ignite the magic of spirituality in your life. Furthermore, Emerald awakens ambition, desire, passion, curiosity, and the urge to strive toward success, personal development, and adventure. It also brings inspiration, wisdom, and motivation while encouraging one to strive towards growth in all aspects of life. Emeralds help to balance emotions by eliminating stress, loneliness, and sadness. It brings a sense of well-being, harmony, forgiveness, love, loyalty, bliss, peace, joy, and hope for future achievements. This crystal is also known to energize and rejuvenate the soul while keeping you young at heart. Finally, this crystal is also ideal for finding love or rekindling past relationships by encouraging compassion, unity, and love toward all living things

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