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Spiritual Landing

Tourmaline Quartz Tower Prism

Tourmaline Quartz Tower Prism

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Tourmalinated Quartz Properties & Meaning

The Tourmalinated Quartz crystal, also known as Tourmaline Quartz, is composed of Clear Quartz with Tourmaline inclusions, which are mostly black. This powerful combination of minerals creates a bridge between the metaphysical and physical planes, connecting the spiritual realm with the physical dimension. Tourmalinated Quartz helps to dissipate and repel negative energy and pessimistic thoughts. Furthermore, this variety of Quartz amplifies the power of thought, while also encouraging positive thinking, mental clarity, and focus. It promotes calmness, inner peace, and wisdom as it purifies and balances one’s energy field. In doing so, Tourmalinated Quartz creates a feeling of safety, stability, and oneness. Just looking at this gemstone can be enough to reduce anxiety, stress, and worry. Additionally, this crystal is also beneficial for meditation, relaxation, facilitates out-of-body experiences, and bringing one’s focus into the present moment.

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