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Spiritual Landing

Ruby Zoisite Tumbled

Ruby Zoisite Tumbled

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Ruby Zoisite Properties & Meaning

This stone, also known as Anyolite, is a natural combination of Ruby and Zoisite. Ruby is a powerful grounding stone that enhances self-confidence, motivation, passion, and courage. Zoisite is a stone that promotes emotional, spiritual, and physical balance. Once the energies of these two minerals come together, they become a powerful conductor of peaceful energy. Ruby Zoisite helps your mind follow the desires of the heart. It promotes patience, understanding, and open-mindedness. This powerful stone will ground you by helping you to take control over your feelings. It will also enhance positive vibes into your love life. It’s the ideal stone if you are trying to understand the deeper meaning of your relationships with others and to accept the changes that are becoming apparent in your life. If you’re grieving, a Ruby Zoisite prism may help you deal with all your mixed emotions. This stone will help to release pain and sorrow. This crystal works with your Root and Heart chakras.

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