Sunstone Chips 1oz

Sunstone Chips 1oz

Spiritual Landing

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Sunstone Properties & Meaning

The sunstone’s purpose is to remind us to enjoy life at its fullest. It reminds us not to take life too seriously; nobody gets out of it alive anyways! This stone’s properties encourage growth, joy, happiness, creativity, inspiration, motivation, optimism, cheerfulness, courage, confidence and playfulness. It heals emotional wounds and allows us to have pleasure in life and enjoy the little things. It is said that this crystal contains the energy of the sun due to its bright colors. Sunstone becomes like sunshine in one’s life; revitalizing the body, mind and soul. This stone is associated with the element of fire making it ideal to take action, overcome procrastination and get things done. It enhances productivity and performance at work, competitions or sports. Sunstone is useful to stimulate self empowerment and develop leadership skills. This gemstone is an ideal stone to get attuned to your divine masculinity regardless of your gender. It provides a boost of energy, vitality, and stamina. This is a great stone to have when you feel tired, drained, negative, stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed by the seasonal mood disorder. Sunstone helps to focus on the brighter and more positive aspects of your life. Overtime, it will help you to develop a positive mental attitude which is one of the greatest riches that a person can possess. Sunstone will help to uplift your mood and that of others by encouraging you to shine your inner light into this world.

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