Blue Sodalite

Spiritual Landing

  • $2.50

Sodalite is a perfect stone for those who are oversensitive, cautious, rash, or inclined to uneasiness, to stabilize the mind and permit a move from enthusiastic to judicious. Hold as a stress or palm stone to recapture composure, and wear or carry Sodalite to preserve a calm, steady vitality. Put on the Third Eye region to pick up mental understanding and a clearer point of view of one’s self or a circumstance. Working with a Sodalite circle makes a difference to adjust forcefulness towards others, as well as the self, and can diminish propensities toward perversion or masochism. Sodalite is perfect to utilize at work, advancing solidarity and a commonality of objectives and reason. It invigorates the qualities of companionship and common reliance, and energizes self-esteem, self-trust and believe in others.

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