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Spiritual Landing

Smokey Quartz Half Polished Point

Smokey Quartz Half Polished Point

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Smokey Quartz Properties & Meaning

Smoky Quartz is a grounding and protective stone. It brings a sense of security, and well-being while providing strength, hope and courage to move forward in life. This crystal brings balance and stability by reinforcing your foundations, fulfilling your basic needs and providing motivation to pursue your goals. Smoky Quartz amplifies energy such as thoughts and intentions. It brings metal clarity and boosts your survival instincts in difficult situations. It is an ideal gem to develop perseverance and a positive mental attitude. Smoky Quartz is a cleansing stone that transmutes negative energy into positive. It repels and eliminates negativity such as toxic emotions and illusions. It protects against psychic attacks and the evil eye. It helps to relieve stress, anxiety, fear and depression. It cools hot tempers, eliminates toxic thoughts and re-balances the chakras. Smoky Quartz is ideal to establish communication with the spiritual realm. It facilitates the connection with spirit guides. Smoky Quartz also stimulates your connection with nature which allows you to disconnect from your daily life and brings you back into the present moment.

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