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Spiritual Landing

Ruby Fuchsite Tumbles

Ruby Fuchsite Tumbles

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Ruby Fuchsite Properties & Meaning

Ruby Fuchsite is a great crystal when you need support during times of adversity, and it can speed up your recovery.  It also promotes hope, perseverance, mindfulness, and a more positive outlook on life. Thus, you can use this crystal to gain control of your emotions, increase your communication with the spiritual realm, enhance your intuition, and raise your psychic abilities. In addition, Ruby Fuchsite is one of the most efficient crystals for restoring emotional balance, as it helps to relieve sadness, depression, guilt, stress, and regret. As a result, it’s also ideal for removing energy blockages and emotional traumas, while encouraging you to connect with others and to find love again (romantic or otherwise). This beautiful gem opens your heart to giving and receiving more love by letting go of emotional pain and mending broken hearts.

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