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Ruby Properties & Meaning

This precious stone brings a sense of security, tranquility and stability in one’s life. Ruby enhances self-esteem, vitality, motivation, passion, willpower, desire and courage. This crystal is often associated with prosperity, making it ideal to attract wealth and opportunities. It encourages you to set goals and to take actions towards your objectives. It helps to discover your passion and to become attuned with your higher self. Ruby is an uplifting stone that helps to overcome fears. It is a very powerful grounding and protective gemstone that dissipates and repels negative energy. It serves as an energetical shield to repel physical, psychic and psychological attacks. It is particularly beneficial to develop a positive mental attitude and for those who are in need of change but are afraid of the transition period, change or uncertainty.

The birthstone for July is ruby.

Slightly pinker than January’s deep red garnets, rubies are named for the Latin ruber, meaning “red”.

Ruby is a talisman of passion, protection, and prosperity.

Its fiery red flame banishes sadness and increases vitality both in the physical body and the spirit.

Ruby’s energy overcomes exhaustion and fills the wearer with a sense of power that sharpens the mind and brings heightened awareness and concentration.

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