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Spiritual Landing

Rose Quartz Round Palm Stone

Rose Quartz Round Palm Stone

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Rose Quartz Properties & Meaning

Rose Quartz represents unconditional love and resonates directly with the heart. Also known as “Pink Quartz” and the “Love Stone,” it encourages forgiveness, compassion, well-being, companionship, comfort, hope, faith, and, of course, love. Rose Quartz is also quite effective in attracting new romance, intimacy, and love. In addition, it has a very high vibration, which can enhance love in any context. For instance, a great practice that you can use if you wish to attract a romantic partner into your life, is to hold a Rose Quartz, and set your intentions and emotions into the crystal while trying to visualize, with as many details as possible, the person you wish to attract into your life. During the visualization, try to be as precise as you can; imagine how the person would look like (hair color, skin tone, eye color, etc), their personality, and how you would feel around them. The more details that you can visualize and feel, the stronger this technique will be in terms of effect, power and result.



Product Description: One 100% authentic high-quality Rose Quartz

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