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Spiritual Landing

Red Tiger eye bracelet

Red Tiger eye bracelet

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Tiger Eye Properties & Meaning

Tiger eye is a stone of strength and protection. It was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishes and curses. It is both a grounding and uplifting crystal. It encourages feelings of self-worth, courage and confidence in your own abilities. Tiger eye can also enhance your intuition and your connection with nature. In the ancient times, people who wore tiger eyes were feared because they were believed to possess powerful psychic abilities such as being able to see people’s true intentions. It encourages a positive mental attitude and to remain focused on achieving your goals and objectives which is essential for success. Tiger eye provides guidance towards finding your hidden talents, abilities and passions. It gives a boost of energy, drive and motivation to chase after your dreams. Tiger’s eye stimulates personal growth, perseverance and will power. A Red Tiger Eye tumbled crystals can also protect your wealth, attract abundance and release creativity blockages. Tiger eye brings emotional, financial and mental stability. It is an ideal stone to place in your car for protection against accidents or in your piggy bank to attract abundance and repel poverty.



Product Description: One 100% authentic Red Tiger Eye crystals.

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