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Spiritual Landing

Rainbow Fluorite Large Wolf Head Carving

Rainbow Fluorite Large Wolf Head Carving

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Weight: about 420g

Size: H3”X W3.5 

Fluorite Properties & Meaning

Known in metaphysical circles as the “Genius Crystal” and the “Stone of Mental Clarity,” this crystal encourages rational thinking and stimulates your mind. In particular, it enhances mental dexterity, alertness, focus, concentration, and sharpness. Furthermore, Rainbow Fluorite helps you to work through and solve complex problems while facilitating learning and good decision-making. It’s particularly beneficial for students, people having difficulty focusing, and anyone learning to meditate. Rainbow Fluorite also stimulates a positive mental attitude, creativity, open-mindedness, and helps to calm an overthinking mind. Moreover, this crystal brings inner peace, harmony, wisdom, emotional balance, and mental clarity. Overall, Rainbow Fluorite helps you identify and manifest your life’s purpose by eliminating blockages, fear, illusions, stress, and negative thoughts. In their place, you’re given renewed energy levels and a clear, light, and balanced aura.

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