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Spiritual Landing

Rabbit 2”

Rabbit 2”

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Tiger eye

Tiger eye, also known as “cat’s eye”, is a stone of strength and protection. It was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishes and curses. It is both a grounding and uplifting crystal. It encourages feelings of self-worth, courage and confidence in your own abilities. Tiger eye can also enhance your intuition and your connection with nature. In the ancient times, people who wore tiger eyes were feared because they were believed to possess powerful psychic abilities such as being able to see people’s true intentions.


Auralite Amethyst is often referred to as the “Ultimate Master Crystal” due to its powerful restorative properties. Auralite Amethyst is also a fabulous tool for bridging between the physical world and the Divine. It works as an open channel connecting you with higher realms, spirit guides, and the Spirit of the Universe. Therefore, Auralite-23 is an ideal stone for enhancing intuition. Auralite also promotes manifestation and profound realization, as its main priority is to help you attain your life objectives. The crystal acts like a magnet that attracts the opportunities, information, tools, and even people necessary to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. These effects are why many people describe Auralite Amethyst as the crystal that makes dreams come true. It is also said that if you hold a sample to your Crown or Heart Chakra, you can create a powerful energy flow that brings balance and peace. Auralite is known for being one of the only crystals that intertwines with a person’s soul, creating a profound bond of companionship, affection, loyalty, mentorship, and friendship.

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