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Spiritual Landing

Pyrite Towers

Pyrite Towers

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Pyrite Properties & Meaning

“Pyrite” derives from the Greek word “pyritēs,” which means “on fire”; it was the mineral that Jacques Cartier, the explorer who discovered Canada, brought back to France, believing that it was real Gold! Due to its common misidentification as Gold, Pyrite is also known as “Fools Gold.” In terms of metaphysical properties, this mineral helps attract what a person most desires, including wealth, money, abundance, and prosperity. It is an excellent stone for attracting positive energy into one’s business by merely placing a piece of Pyrite on your desk, workspace, or at the office. Pyrite also strengthens the mind by stimulating a person’s mental dexterity, intellect, and memory. Furthermore, it enhances energy levels, vitality, motivation, and perseverance while helping to overcome feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and indecision. Pyrite also encourages its bearer to conquer bad habits, take action toward their objectives, and to keep their eyes on the prize (whatever that may be!). Pyrite is particularly useful for empaths, as it creates a protective shield against negativity and ill wishes.


Product Description: One tumbled Pyrite 100% authentic.

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