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Spiritual Landing

Colored agate wind chimes

Colored agate wind chimes

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Very colorful Wind Chime made out of colored Agate Slabs from Brazil. These 7 different colored Agate Slabs (dyed) are hanging on different length strings, the strings are invisible giving the illusion that the Agate Slices are floating. The strings are secured to a wooden ring. These natural gemstone wind chimes ring a soothing tone. Using sound alchemy the wind chimes bring new and positive energy into your space while vibrating out old stagnant energy.

Physical Description:

Gemstone: Agate Slices

Color: Mixed Color

Approx. Stone Size: 1.5-2.5 inches

Approx. Dimensions: 24 inches tall

Note: Slight color, weight and size variations may occur due to it being a natural stone and due to its varied formations. All windchimes will be equally beautiful and unique!

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