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Spiritual Landing

Pink Opal Slices

Pink Opal Slices

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Pink Opal Properties & Meaning

Pink Opal emits a calming and soothing energy that helps to relieve sadness, stress, worry, grief, and sorrow while mending  emotional wounds and broken hearts. This gem also helps to cool hot tempers, overcome impatience, and diminish impulsivity. Plus, if fuzed with your sincere intention, it can bring tranquility, peace, and love into your life. It is also said that sleeping with a Pink Opal over your Heart Chakra will fill you with compassion, love, and a sense of unity with everything and everyone around you. Indeed, as a Heart Chakra crystal, Pink Opal has the power to open your heart to love again. Finally, this variety of Opal is great for balancing your emotions and encouraging you to move forward in life.



Product Description: One Pink Opal tumbled crystal that is 100% natural.

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