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Pink amethyst necklace

Pink amethyst necklace

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Pink Amethyst Properties & Meaning

This crystal can only be found in Patagonia, Argentina and it was recently discovered. When it was first introduced into the market, people had a hard time believing that it was real because of how beautiful and astonishing it looked. Pink Amethyst took the world by surprise and has quickly become a very sought after crystal for collectors. Many experts believe the pink coloring was produced due to inclusions of Hematite in these crystals. Given the rarity of this crystal, it can be expensive and no two pieces will be exactly the same because they will vary so much in color and texture.

Pink Amethyst still shares many of the same metaphysical properties as the regular Amethyst (We recommend you also read about the properties of Amethyst in this book in order to get a deeper understanding), but it will have an emphasis on the heart chakra. In other words, it is a crystal that can help to open the heart and facilitate the connection with the great spirit. Many are calling it a stone of the new age that has made itself available to the world at this time to help humanity open their heart chakras and transcend into the age of Aquarius. Use this crystal when you are trying to overcome energetical blockages of the heart, bring harmony into your human relationships, relieve stress, unplug, increase your intuition, attract your soulmate, help overcome challenges in relationships, learn how to love yourself, repair emotional wounds, raise your self-esteem or attract success. This is a crystal that forces a person to reflect deeply within themselves and ask the right questions such as what it is that you want most in life or if you’re living to your highest excitement. In other words, it is a stone that helps to cultivate kindness, raises self awareness and guides one towards discovering their true passion. Use this crystal by setting an intention or goals of what you want to achieve in life.

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