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Pearl Ring

Pearl Ring

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Pearl Properties & Meaning

The birth of the pearl occurs when residue, such as a grain of sand or a speck, enters the soft interior of a mollusk. The mollusk then generates a response to ease the stress, irritation and discomfort by adding small amounts of nacre to the invading object over long periods of time. After many years, the final result is a beautiful pearl.

Even though the pearl is not a true mineral due to its organic origins, it still emits a very calming and soothing energy that encourages tranquility, peace, harmony, fertility and relaxation. Many believe that pearls carry with them energies of purity, love and transformation. They represent divine femininity, help to balance emotions, enhance psychic abilities, amplify the connection with your higher self and the spiritual realm. Pearls can help to empower a person (especially women), awaken intuition and to connect with one’s feminine energy. They stimulate compassion, patience, loyalty, self love, self care, dedication, and wisdom. They also reduce anxiety, worry and stress. The pearl works with the Crown chakra and is a birthstone for those born in June. 

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