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Spiritual Landing

Moonstone Heart

Moonstone Heart

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Moonstone Properties & Meaning

Since the dawn of time, Moonstone has been recognized as a symbol of magic and intuition. This beautiful crystal also attracts synchronicities and positive outcomes in your life. Therefore, it is ideal for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of life and the metaphysical realm. This is a powerful gem that facilitates manifestation, eases meditation, boosts self-confidence, and alleviates heavy emotions. Since Moonstone contains a very powerful yin (feminine) energy, it promotes spiritual growth and increases your connection with the Universe. Much like a full moon shining in the dark starry night sky, showing you the way, this crystal can become like a faithful companion, guiding you through the darkest moments of your life. Moonstone can also stimulate the subconscious mind, bringing harmony, tranquility, hope, wisdom, unity, and peace of mind. If you’re looking for an ideal gift for loved ones, look no further. Moonstone symbolizes love, friendship, and passion, and can strengthen your bonds with the people most important to you. Energy workers are also very attracted to this gem, as it helps to increase your intuition and stay on the path of wisdom. Overall, Moonstone works with the Crown Chakra and helps to cleanse any negativity from your life as it reconnects you with the spiritual dimension

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