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Natural Palo Santo Cones *6 Pack*

Natural Palo Santo Cones *6 Pack*

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        Palo santo wood also known as "Holy Wood" is a tree that grows wildly in South America near the equator.  The Palo Santo Tree has both practical and spiritual uses for everyday life.  Some burn it to cleanse and remove other negative energies in their life.  It also can be used to drive away unwanted pests like mosquitoes and other insects.  

About Palo Santo:

      Palo Santo is a mysterious tree that grows on the coast of South America。Sweet flavors of pine, mint and lemon。In Spanish it means: holy wood,It's a powerful positive force。The energy contained within it can be immediately purified and removed from negative forces。

       Palo Santo wood is considered to be very powerful and can help any type of spiritual healing, energy and magic, and has medicinal properties. It can be used to boost mood, help release depression and anxiety, assist in meditation, strengthen connection and improve creativity and learning. The ritual is often used to clear negative energy and conjure.

      The aborigines gathered in the original forest, and when the tree died of natural aging, they were allowed to use it in the natural environment for 3-5 years, without destroying the forest ecology. Only in this way can its energy be converted, and only in this way can the holy, medicinal and mysterious nature of the holy wood be presented.

Efficacy features:

Eliminate the negative energy, purify the crystal, bless 。

Relax your mind and body. Release stress and anxiety。

When meditating in the aid of channeling, quickly enter the state。

Purify space, mind, personal negative energy

How to use:

         Burn one end of the sacred wood with fire until it turns red and is free from fire (about 10 to 20 seconds), using the smoke from the rising to purify the space, the individual, the crystal. A holy wood can be used several times. If it is not used, you can also smell the special delicate aroma of holy wood in the space. The storyteller's holy wood is of high quality and contains a lot of holy wood oil, which will slowly release when burning energy。

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