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Nettle Leaf Organic 1oz

Nettle Leaf Organic 1oz

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Nettle is a strong magickal plant which is often used for protection. If you feel like you are being hexed, carry a sachet with dried nettle in it to remove and repel the hex. Harness the magickal properties of nettle by sprinkling dried nettle around your home. This will keep all malevolent influence and energies out of your home and send them back to where they came from while also filling your home with gentle loving vibrations. 

Nettle will help you release any lingering doubts and stresses while giving you nurturing energy if you are beginning a new project. It helps to give you courage and to show you your own worth. Drink nettle tea to use these magickal properties of nettles. This will also help you to open up limited ways of thinking if you feel stuck in a rut.

Nettle can be used to induce lust. If you need a strongly purifying bath, add nettle as it is one of the strongest magickal purifiers out there. Wrap a nettle leaf in green or yellow or purple cloth and place it in your wallet to attract abundance. 

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