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Natural Wood Incense Bricks (16 Pc)

Natural Wood Incense Bricks (16 Pc)

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One of the most popular fire-woods in the US. When burned it has a musky and pleasant fragrance that for many is reminiscent of the holidays. This fragrance comes from the oil of the Cedar wood and has amazing cleansing properties. It is used to purify a new home or purge a space of unpleasantness, and is also used in the practice of smudging.

  • PIÑON: Smells like winter in Northern New Mexico. Fires burning in each home, smoke drifting lazily out the chimneys while the snow glistens crisply in the shadows. Piñon is our original fragrance and remains our most popular
  • ALDER: Has a light pleasant aroma that people really enjoy! It is one of the most versatile trees found in the Northwest US. Its bark is strong enough to be used in woodworking and cabinetry and is also said to have medicinal properties
  • JUNIPER: Described as the perfume of the dessert with a fragrance similar to cedar with hints of gin. Juniper trees grow throughout the world, but the western variety is found along the Rocky Mountains from Mexico to Canada. In many different Native American beliefs Juniper is associated with protection
  • HICKORY: Hickory wood is known for its strength and robustness and its fragrance is along that same vein. It is one of the most popular woods for burning in fireplaces due to its dense hardwood and excellent heat and burn time. Like Mesquite, Hickory is used to flavor meats when cooking barbeque
  • FIR BALSAM: Our only “evergreen fragrance” with a crisp pine smell reminiscent of the Christmas holidays. Fir Balsam are more commonly found in the Northeast part of the United States
  • MESQUITE: A fragrance for anyone who grew up in the southwest. The smoke from Mesquite has a pungent but sweet fragrance and is a favorite for flavoring barbequed meats. It has a unique aroma reminiscent of sitting around an old-fashioned cowboy campfire


Natural Wood Incense

This Cedar incense is made with the all-natural wood of the Cedar tree. Burning of these natural woods provides a healthier environment as opposed to incense made with synthetic chemicals.

What does the Incense Smell Like?

Think of our incense as miniature pieces of firewood. Each fragrance is perfect for the urban dweller whose heart longs for the outdoors, and the outdoors man who would like to bring the campfire indoors. So what does natural wood incense smell like? Mostly people tell us that our incense reminds them of the past… family camping trips and s’mores by the fire, bonfires on the beach, Christmas Eve listening to your Abuela’s stories. For others the fragrance is the scent of calm and peace.

How do I Light an Incense Brick?

Our bricks are larger than most incense cones, making them a bit harder to light. The upside to this is that they burn longer and produce more incense. Hold the brick over a flame until the brick burns by itself. This will cause the brick to expand at the burning end. After the brick has stopped flaming, gently blow on the burning ember. Place the brick in the center of the censer (or incense burner), unlit end down. If the brick should fall over or is laid on its side, the flame may go out.

What is the Incense used for?

Many use our incense for meditation, yoga and relaxation. Some have a more practical purpose and use it to cleanse their house from unpleasant pet odors and skunk spray. We hope that you find what you are looking for and we invite you to try one or all of our seven fragrances.




Made in the USA

We are manufacturers of natural wood incense and we specialize in the fragrances of the west including our famous Cedar incense. All our products are manufactured by hand in the USA.

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