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Spiritual Landing

Colored Spiritual Sand

Colored Spiritual Sand

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Sand can be associated with the place it came from, but since it came from ‘nowhere’, it is probably significant of something else. Sand in itself is a perfect paradox…it is created through many physical actions over a great number of years. Massive glaciers, rivers, earthquakes, erosion..these things turn boulders into minute grains of sand. As it lies against the Earth for aeons it is changed again, forming layers of new rock. This tiniest of building blocks shapes the Earth into its next form, just as it is perpetually eroded into its finest grain. Through the many trials of your life that shape you, as you grow, tear down old walls and find bright new life, you find that even though you might have felt you were blowing in the wind, you were creating the ground you stand on now. Perhaps the sand, through its complete simplicity, is a call to awaken to your inner building blocks, the millions of things that make up your life, and find the beauty that is your creation…. because the beach would not be as beautiful if each grain of sand did not have its place.

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