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Moldavite Ring

Moldavite Ring

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Moldavite holds one of the highest frequencies of any substance in this physical world. The energy held in this particular tektite stone was created when "cosmic" energy entered the Earth's atmosphere and collided with Earth's healing energy, creating an unbreakable bond.

The Earth has been on a steady course of awakening to higher consciousness and the Universe sent energy in to assist in the form of a meteor. As these two energies joined something miraculous was created, Moldavite. The mixed energy held in the Moldavite stones provides an amazing healing effect. It awakens the soul to its true purpose and begins to bring in an awareness of what the human is and where we come from.

Moldavite is very powerful and can affect the physical human in many ways. The greatest affect is through physical and soul alignment. The man and the soul are often at odds with each other. Human egos have a very strong force on the direction of one's life. However, the higher-self or soul, holds authority over the human and has a lot of influence over the path of one's physical existence.

Moldavite is an alignment stone which was given to this physical realm to assist in alignment of soul and ego. It softens the ego, allowing the higher-self to connect and assist the human avatar in seeing things from different perspectives. As this alignment begins to work, the human's frequency begins to raise to meet the frequency of the higher soul. Subtle changes can start to take place such as shifts in relationships, friendships, music and entertainment preferences, sleep patterns, health patterns, financial patterns and many other patterns. As these shifts begin to happen some people start to panic, not fully understanding what is going on. Once they are able to understand how the energy of Moldavite works with them and through them, they may begin to relax and enjoy the ride. The transformation for some is faster than others depending on what level of life they are in, but all of the effects of this transformational stone lead to higher levels of consciousness and existence. Don't fear it, embrace it and let it do what it is here to do.

Moldavite is a "Fractal" Stone

A fractal is a piece or part of a whole that when broken off and removed from the whole, still remains perfectly whole in itself. Think of it as a mirror that breaks into a thousand pieces. You can still look into one small piece of the broken mirror and see a full reflection. All Moldavite comes from one shared consciousness and as it exploded into millions of tiny pieces, the energy that programmed the whole, still remains fully intact in each tiny little piece, no matter the size. There is no benefit to having a larger piece other than it being easier to hold on to and keep from being lost.


Moldavite holds a frequency much higher than any other earthly stone due to the cosmic energies. Because of this high frequency, it is not necessary to cleanse  it. The stone's energy overcomes and transforms anything that it comes in contact with. It is an energy that can not be manipulated or used for dark intent. A small piece of Moldavite in a room can affect the entire space and cleanse any other crystal or stone in the vicinity. It can balance chakras, align auras, overcome unhealthy patterns, and much more. It is an amplifier for the heart, throat, third-eye and crown chakras and can also bring a greater awareness of those higher chakras which lie outside of the physical.

Divine Purpose

Because of its divine origin, Moldavite can not be manipulated for anything of lower intention. It can not be used for anything dark or unscrupulous. It can not be hoarded or hidden up for selfish desires. Moldavite is intended to be spread out to all corners of the planet for its influence to reach as many dark places as possible. It knows the design for which it was created and it will accomplish this purpose.

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