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Spiritual Landing

Mixed Tiger Eye Bracelet ( 8 mm or 10 mm)

Mixed Tiger Eye Bracelet ( 8 mm or 10 mm)

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Tiger Eye Properties & Meaning

Red Tiger’s Eye, also known as Ox’s Eye, raises optimism, increases motivation, and removes blockages so that you can move oceans and stars to make your dreams come true. Also, this crystal is great for helping you to succeed in physical activities, being more alert, and raising your stamina. Finally, wear or carry Red Tiger Eye to increase your motivation, confidence, passion, and inner strength.

Golden Tiger’s Eye, also known as Cat’s Eye, is also said to stimulate independence, cheerfulness, optimism, and clarity of thought. Furthermore, it encourages a positive attitude that helps you stay focused on your objectives, be they short- or long-term. Wear or carry Tiger’s Eye if you need guidance in finding your hidden talents, abilities, and passions. It also stimulates personal growth, creativity, perseverance, and determination.

Blue Tiger’s Eye, also known as Falcon’s Eye, is great for developing psychic abilities, remote viewing, and self-awareness. Moreover, it’s very beneficial as protection against psychic attacks, the evil eye, bullies, and naysayers. Furthermore, this gem can help you connect with your spirit guides, animal totems, and the Great Spirit of the Universe. 

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