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Spiritual Landing

Malachite Necklace

Malachite Necklace

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Malachite Properties & Meaning

Malachite has been a part of human history for a very long time. As a matter of fact, this crystal was highly praised by the ancient Egyptians, and some historians even argue that Malachite mines were used in ancient Egypt as early as 4,000 BC. The ancient Egyptians understood the natural cycle of growth and decay, and they associated green with both death and renewal. Thus, Malachite was believed to have the powers of resurrection, growth, and rebirth. The ancient Egyptians also believed in an afterlife without any pain or suffering, and they even referred to their heaven as the “Field of Malachite.”

When needed, Malachite is also known to promote transformation and new beginnings. It raises the vibrations of its surroundings, encourages personal growth and wisdom, and amplifies your connection with nature. Furthermore, it opens your heart by encouraging compassion toward all living beings.

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