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Spiritual Landing

Larimar Ring

Larimar Ring

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Known as the “Atlantis stone”, this crystal can only be found in one place in the world; the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. The native inhabitants of the island believed that this stone came from the sea and that it was sacred. Larimar is formed from Basalt erupted with limestone and blue pectolite. This tumbling effect polished the stone naturally which makes it stand out in contrast. This stone has both the beautiful colours of the sea and the sky. It connects the physical with the none physical. Larimar is very powerful healing stone that aids with communication. This stone is ideal to bring harmony in our relations, heal deep emotional wounds and overcome blockages that might be impeding us from being happy. Many believe that this crystal is part of the “new age stones” that has come to surface during the time of world changes in order to help humanity heal and follow into the next step in evolution. Larimar works with your Throat Chakra.

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