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Rose Quartz Rough Tumbled

Rose Quartz Rough Tumbled

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Rose Quartz Properties & Meaning

Rose Quartz is known as “Pink Quartz” and the “Love Stone,” since it represents unconditional love and resonates directly with the Heart Chakra. This gem encourages forgiveness, compassion, well-being, and companionship, with comfort, hope, faith, and, of course, love. As you might imagine, Rose Quartz is also very effective in fostering closer bonds with friends and family members. Thus, giving loved ones the gift of Rose Quartz will improve your relationship with them and make your connection stronger. Furthermore, this pink crystal is also ideal for balancing your emotions and filling your heart with unconditional love while bringing peace, tranquility, and harmony. Pink Quartz is also beneficial for anyone needing to let go of toxic energies, like anger, guilt, sadness, jealousy, and anxiety. Overall, Rose Quartz will help you to find your hidden qualities, passions, and talents. It encourages you to appreciate and connect with everything around you, making you a more conscious, and kinder human being. Finally, Rose Quartz reminds you that happiness is your own responsibility and to never depend on others for it. 

The function of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz hibiscus stone, Rose Quartz main development heart wheel, strengthen the health of heart and lung function. It can relax nervous mood, relieve irritable mood, help to go deep into the heart, and improve self-understanding. Rose Quartz has a mild and attractive pink glow. It can help to improve interpersonal relationship, popularity and business relationship. It is the best weapon to open the door for business .

Rose Quartz Is one of the very bright crystal powder crystal, it will encourage the wearer to strive for happiness in my own heart, so is very suitable for self control ability is strong, but don't feel happy, especially more inside collect, Rose Quartz  to disperse the crowd agitated state of mind, let the mood calm and happy. A lot of wear pink crysta after, although do not have those who expect to attract peach blossom, or the effect that improves human connection, but feel the mood from beginning to end however happy, because this is reason .

 The powder crystal is a healing crystal, and its healing power and speed are far greater than any of its other powers The most realistic and powerful effect of a Rose Quartz is to suggest that people who have been hurt or have experie 

The Role of Rose Quartz is solicit connections, open the wearer heart, let the wearer with pleasure, Rose Quartz have been rumours can bring peach blossom, because its purpose is to attract the most fundamental connections, many businesses will take a Rose Quartz of run of mine ore, or grinding parts (such as powder dipper array) on the special position of the shops, to attract popular shops.

When it comes to individuals, since Rose Quartz can bring people into relationships, they can also bring us into new social circles, so if you feel you have a narrow circle of people and need to expand your circle, consider wearing a Rose Quartz to expand your network. This is one of the favorite things about the power of Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz can enhance the pink light in oneself aura, pink is the color that Venus of Venus of love shows love, can increase opposite sex predestined relationship, action peach blossom luck, it is the best love stone. Rose Quartz wearing left hand can soften their temperament, wearing the right hand can enhance their own attractiveness to the outside world .

Contraindication of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is almost all the girls love one of the crystal, it is known as the stone of love, because in people's minds, Rose Quartz can give people a peach blossom, that is, love; Rose Quartz has delicate color and luster, always send out a charming charm, Rose Quartz bracelet light color, not make public, not enchanting, such as water lotus, fresh and refined; Rose Quartz bracelet or powder crystal pendant issued by the warm and charming pink light can be soft temperament, enhance popularity, enhance the opposite sex, bring peach blossom, can also bring good business .

Generally follow the principle of wearing crystal bracelet wearing ,People believe in letting the left hand in and the right hand out ,The so-called left hand intake is mainly positive energy and positive magnetic field, and the right hand outlet is negative energy and negative magnetic field; The crystal bracelet that the left hand wears can be human body transmission positive energy crystal can rise to adjust the advantage such as blood gas, improvement luck, and the crystal bracelet that the left hand wears is radioactive crystal, only radioactive crystal can put positive energy for human body .

The crystal bracelet worn on the right hand can purify the negative energy discharged by the human body and turn it into invisible positive energy to absorb diseases, gas and bad luck, etc., while the crystal bracelet worn on the right hand belongs to absorbent crystal, which can only absorb the negative energy discharged by the human body. And pink crystal bracelet belongs to one of radioactive crystal, should wear in the left hand, such ability develops its optimal intelligence effect

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