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Spiritual Landing

Labradorite Bracelet

Labradorite Bracelet

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Fits wrist measurements of approximately 5.5" to 6”. Bracelet size is about 7.5”

KEY WORDS: Protection, Adventure, Balance

Labradorite Properties & Meaning

The name Labradorite originated from the location it was first found; the province of Labrador in Canada. Labradorite was considered sacred and magical by the Inuit people. They believed it fell from the northern lights and crystallized in the ground due to it’s astonishing iridescent colors. This gemstone has been used by shamans and healers for many generations because it enhances the connection with the spiritual realm, the higher self, the physical self and nature. It allows you to remain grounded while connecting you to the spiritual dimension. It serves as a reminder that magic is real for those who are willing to see it and that it is okay to be different and weird in this crazy world. Labradorite increases synchronicities, miracles and positive outcomes in life. It is a crystal that raises spiritual awareness and awakens one’s true purpose in life.

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