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Spiritual Landing

Orange Calcite Jumbo Palmstones

Orange Calcite Jumbo Palmstones

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Why Orange Calcite?

Orange calcite was named due to its incredible resemblance to the fruit. It is found in nature in abundance, in many large deposits around the world. Which is also a representation of how life should be for everyone; in abundance. Orange calcite recharges your body, it is like fruit for your aura. It is a powerful cleanser that amplifies positive energies in one’s life. It cleanses the aura and body. This stone also encourages change and trying new patterns in life. This stone will stimulate your mood and bring you a more positive perspective into life. It also enhances self-confidence, creativity, to embrace your sexuality and the ability to enjoy life more fully. This stone is excellent for new journeys or soul searching. It enhances the ability to have pleasure and enjoy the little things of life. It brings you to the present moment. It stimulates your inner child and brings it back to life.



Product Description: One 100% Authentic High-Quality Rough Orange Calcite.

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