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Spiritual Landing

Herkimer Diamond Earrings

Herkimer Diamond Earrings

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Herkimer Diamond amplifies the connection with the spiritual realm and helps to unleash one’s hidden abilities. It stimulates the subconscious mind awakening intuition and psychic abilities. In other words, it amplifies the power of the mind and helps to materialize your thoughts into reality. This powerful quartz can ignite a profound transformation inside of you which will put you in alignment with your goals while helping you to recognize your blockages so you can overcome them. It brings harmony, balance and a sense of overall well-being. Furthermore, Herkimer Diamonds strengthen telepathic and psychic abilities and provide you with the inner strength to accomplish personal goals. This gem’s specialty is to link you to past lives so that you can gather information from the past and use it to further develop your present spiritual growth. Herkimer Diamond Rough is the perfect stone for recognizing places for improvement


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