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Spiritual Landing

Green Moonstone Sphere

Green Moonstone Sphere

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Moonstone Properties & Meaning

Since the dawn of time, Moonstone has been recognized as a symbol of magic and intuition. This crystal has a phenomenal visual effect only visible in light called “adularescence.” Adularescence is a blue and sometimes rainbow luster effect visible below the gem’s surface. In addition to white and clear, this crystal comes in blue, gray, pink, green, and peach. The Moonstone contains a very powerful yin (feminine) energy and it promotes spiritual growth and increases your connection with the Universe. Representing the power of Divine femininity, this colorful crystal is associated with emotions, feelings, the unknown, and dreams. It’s also deeply connected with mysticism, the moon,  magic, the occult, and spirituality. Moonstone also attracts synchronicities and positive outcomes in your life. Therefore, this crystal is ideal for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of life and the metaphysical realm. This is a powerful gem that facilitates manifestation, eases meditation, boosts self-confidence, and alleviates heavy emotions.


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