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Spiritual Landing

Hamburger Carving

Hamburger Carving

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Handmade Carved
-It is good gift for your friends,families

Orange Aventurine
Green Aventurine
Flower Agate

Sunstone Properties & Meaning

Due to its bright and sparkly orange colours, this crystal is said to contain the energy of the sun. Indeed, as its name implies, Sunstone acts like sunshine in your life, revitalizing your body, mind, and soul. This sunny gem is associated with the fire element, making it ideal for helping you take action, overcome procrastination, and get things done. Thus, Sunstone enhances productivity and performance at work, competitions, and in sports. Sunstone is also useful for stimulating self-empowerment and developing leadership skills. Regardless of your gender, this gem is great at attuning you to the Divine masculinity. In addition, it provides boosts of energy, vitality, and stamina. Therefore, Sunstone is a great crystal to have when feeling tired and drained, negative and stressed, and depressed and overwhelmed by life (including seasonal affective disorder). Sunstone excels at helping you focus on the brighter and more positive aspects of life. A positive mental attitude is one of the greatest riches a person can possess, as it can mean the difference between failure and success. Ultimately, Sunstone beads will help to uplift your mood and those of the people around you by encouraging everyone’s inner light to shine brightly into this world. Work diligently with this crystal to cultivate these powerful characteristics in your life!

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