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Amazonite Necklace High Quality

Amazonite Necklace High Quality

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Amazonite Properties & Meaning

The name “Amazonite” refers to the Amazon rain forest because of its Amazon-like blue-green color. This crystal has a vitreous luster and merits a 6-6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Amazonite is known for attracting positivity and opportunities in all aspects of life, such as finance, love, business, family, relationships, and gambling. This crystal has a strong connection with nature and is eternally charged with positive vibrations that emit very peaceful and soothing energies. It also encourages open-mindedness and compassion toward others. Amazonite heals the heart by reducing stress, sadness, and irrational thoughts while balancing emotions, taming hot tempers, and calming the mind. Furthermore, this crystal encourages you to let go of toxic emotions and thoughts such as guilt, anger, jealousy, loneliness, and depression. Amazonite beads (8mm or 10mm) are particularly helpful in situations where it’s difficult to express your thoughts and feelings. For instance, this crystal protects against gossip, the spread of rumors, and being exploited or taken advantage of. Therefore, it is recommended that people being targeted by bullies or rumors use this crystal.



Product Description: One string of 100% authentic Amazonite beads

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