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Spiritual Landing

Green Aventurine Baby Yoda

Green Aventurine Baby Yoda

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Size: About 1.5”

Green Aventurine Properties & Meaning

Aventurine attracts prosperity, good luck, opportunity, and love. This gemstone helps to manifest positive outcomes in difficult situations, competitions, gambling, and love. Aventurine also promotes self-esteem, growth, and independence and is an ideal protection amulet for travelers. Furthermore, this crystal stimulates wisdom, patience, and positive thinking. It eliminates the fear of time and old age by reminding you that time is just an illusion, and change is a necessary part of life. Because Aventurine works directly with the Heart Chakra, it encourages compassion and empathy toward others. This crystal helps to release blockages, eliminate toxic behaviors, calms emotions, heals emotional wounds and restores balance in imbalanced relationships. Also, it’s the perfect stone to bring back positivity, love, appreciation, and understanding of relationships.


Product Description: One 100% authentic polished Green Aventurine


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