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Gemstone Assorted Necklace

Gemstone Assorted Necklace

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Gemstone eassorted necklace

Snowflake Obsidian Properties & Meaning

Like other Obsidians, Snowflake Obsidian was born from volcanoes, when felsic lava cooled rapidly. The main difference between Snowflake Obsidian and Black Obsidian are its white patches called “spherulites,” which are composed of another crystal called Cristobalite (a type of Quartz). This unique structure inevitably affects the gem’s energy. While Black Obsidian has very fiery and potent energies, Snowflake Obsidian is more gentle, calming, and soothing. Snowflake Obsidian is a powerfully protective crystal that allows you to find balance in your life. It is also quite beneficial for combating loneliness, isolation, and depression. Use this crystal to enhance your spiritual development and meditation, and balance your emotions. Overall, this crystal’s gentle and positive energy can help you to remain calm during stressful situations, dispel negative energy, reduce anger, remove energetic blockages, and raise self-esteem. Like all types of Obsidian, this stone brings protection from the evil eye, repels jealousy, defeats resentment, and eliminates greed.

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