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Rainbow Fluorite Chips 1 oz

Rainbow Fluorite Chips 1 oz

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Fluorite Properties & Meaning

Known as the “Genius Stone” or “Stone of Mental Clarity,” this crystal encourages rational thinking and stimulates your mind. It enhances mental dexterity, alertness, focus, concentration, and sharpness. Furthermore, Fluorite helps you to work through complex issues and solve problems while facilitating decision-making and the learning of new things. It is particularly beneficial for students, people who have difficulty focusing, and for individuals first learning to meditate. Fluorite also stimulates a positive mental attitude, creativity, open-mindedness, and helps to calm the overthinking mind. Moreover, this crystal brings inner peace, harmony, wisdom, emotional balance, and clarity of mind. Fluorite encourages spiritual and psychic development. It amplifies the connection with the spiritual realm by stabilizing and raising one’s vibration to reach a higher frequency. Moreover, this stone can help to expand the consciousness of an individual while advancing the mind toward greater spiritual awareness. This lovely crystal also enhances psychic protection, communication, intuition, self-worth and quiets the ego. Overall, it helps to manifest one’s life-purpose by eliminating blockages, fear, illusions, stress, and negative thoughts. Finally, it renews energy levels and cleanses the aura.

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