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Creativity Cleansing Bundle

Creativity Cleansing Bundle

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Creativity themed cleansing bundle made with Mint, Lavender, Ammobium, Thistle, Statice, Carnation, and Apple.

It's time to get creative! Stuck in a rut? Frustrated with your process? Need a moment of rest and reflection? As creatives ourselves we understand that devotion to your work can be tiring.

CREATIVITY is made with a powerhouse of cleansing herbs to rejuvenate your creative space, and workflow. Bless and empower your process, materials, and draw inspiration into your ordinary.

  • Mint-prosperity, sex, hex breaking
  • Lavender- Wisdom, peace, purity
  • Ammobium-Immortality, preservation, joy
  • Thistle-Courage, transition
  • Statice-memory, fondness
  • Carnation-affirmation, love
  • Apple-bounty, blessing

To use: Hold stick to flame until lit, blow out, let smolder. Allow smoke to rise through the air. Reignite as needed. As always take caution when burning, use a fire safe bowl and snuff out in sand, if needed. 

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