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Spiritual Landing

Elephant Carvings 2"

Elephant Carvings 2"

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Just like the Goddess, the Elephant is strongly centered on family, counting past and future eras. Undoubtedly Elephant’s mantra might well be “family first.” Elephant challenges you to secure the youthful and powerless of your tribe, whereas moreover recognizing the astonishing expanded family unit and how capable love and devotion end up when shared. Note, in any case, that Elephant naturally knows that not all “family” is bound by blood.

Amethyst Properties & Meaning

Amethyst is known as the “Stone of Peace” that raises the vibrations of both people and spaces. In doing so, it encourages spiritual development and intuition while enhancing psychic abilities. Amethyst also conducts positive energy, which generates harmony and tranquility to its surroundings. When needed, this crystal can bring mental clarity by purifying, regenerating, and amplifying one’s connection with the Spirit of the Universe. Moreover, Amethyst facilitates dreaming, meditation, and channeling messages from the spiritual realm. This purple Quartz also helps to reduce stress, worry, anger, and impatience, while cooling hot tempers.

Green Aventurine: 

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