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Spiritual Landing

Dragon Head Carvings

Dragon Head Carvings

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Dragon BloodStone: Properties & Meaning

This gemstone is also known as heliotrope. It is composed of dark green chalcedony and red jasper. Bloodstone is an amulet for protection which was very popular among Roman soldiers and gladiators, who often carried it into battle. In ancient Egypt, it was also used to protect the dead and to ensure their safe passage to the afterlife. Bloodstone is great for physical activity and it was used by the Athletes of ancient Greece as a talisman to enhance their performance and skills whenever they engaged in competitive sports.

Overall, this crystal gives a boost of courage, stamina, confidence, vitality, strength, increases energy levels, uncovers hidden talents, eliminates self imposed limitations, dissolves blockages, combats loneliness, fatigue, sadness, attracts love, brings protection, helps to overcome timidity and to regain one’s control over life. This gemstone provides a sense of stability and the necessary determination to achieve your goals. It is useful in decision making, attracting wealth and opportunities.

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