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Dragon Blood Resin Incense (10g)

Dragon Blood Resin Incense (10g)

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Resin is sap that is harvested from trees that we can use to burn resulting in a beautiful strong aroma. Resin Incense have been around for more than 3000 years.  Ancient Civilizations used them as spiritual, medicinal, and ceremonial fragrances.  To use resins simply light a charcoal disk and place a small amount of resin on top.  The resin will start to bubble and release an amazing aroma. 

Dragon's Blood is a rare tree resin used to empower all types of magickal spells. When burned as an incense, it has a complex, haunting fragrance. 

A little goes a long way with this fiery red resin! Dragon's blood clears the way with a quickness. I don't burn this often, guys. This is for shaking the devil off, ya heard? It drives away negativity and evil while leaving behind a protective barrier. A little goes a long way! Burn a tiny bit of dragon's blood with frankincense + myrrh for powerful psychic protection. This resin can also be used in love spell work and to attract someone or something to you. I have never used it for that purpose and recommend doing extensive research before attempting any conjuration. Let's be responsible, informed witches.

*You will receive ONE 10g bag as shown. Each bag is completely different as far as the size of the resin chunks but they all weigh at least 10g. You can break the chunks up for use as you please. Take care, this resin will stain things red. I suggest protecting surfaces when breaking it up.

Please utilize smoke cleansing implements and resins with great care! Look up best practices for safely burning, extinguishing, and storing.This blend is best utilized in a fireproof receptacle, burnt on a charcoal round.


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