Mala Handmade Crystal Bead

Spiritual Landing

  • $45.00

The use of Mala's can be traced although back to ancient times. Mala's are used traditionally as a way to meditate.  Traditional Monks in China and Tibet keep the mala in their hand when meditating cycling through counting each bead completing as many repetitions as it takes to focus on one thought or issue to clear their mind of everything else.  Similar practices have been done using gains of rice.  Monks will take a massive bowl of dried rice, and count each piece until the bowl is empty.  Sometimes they would continue this process for days.  In modern day we can still practice in in the same way, but we have an added benefit of being able to choose and meaningful gemstone to give us added qualities.  

  • Amethyst - Protection from both physical and psychic attacks, and Spiritual Assistance.
  • Fluorite - Mental Focus and Clarity allowing us to concentrate.
  • Tigers Eye - Grounding stone helping dispel negativity and absorbing bad energies
  • Lava Stone - Deepens your connection to the physical and natural world. Gives us mental and physical fortitude. 

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