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CLEANSE Black Tourmaline Crystal Smoke Cleanser

CLEANSE Black Tourmaline Crystal Smoke Cleanser

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CLEANSE is an excellent smoke cleanser made with some of our all time favorite materials for banishment, cutting away energetic parasites, and inviting in vibes of prosperity and belonging.

Made with:
Wormwood, Black Sage (true salvia, not mugwort), Mint, Marigold, wine soaked orange, and Black Tourmaline crystal shard!

Wormwood-Psychic vision, spirit evocation, hexes and curses, reversal magic
Citrus- abundance, wealth, desire
Mint-Magic reversal, prosperity, hex breaking
Black Sage- Banishment, cleansing
Marigold-power, strength, the light within
Black Tourmaline-Protection and cleansing


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