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Spiritual Landing

Citrine Point Necklace

Citrine Point Necklace

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Citrine Properties & Meaning

This stone is a gift from the universe to the Earth. Citrine is a very powerful crystal & is known as the abundance stone. It’s believed to help manifest dreams into reality. It attracts the opportunities and people you need in order to bring abundance into your life and to reach your full potential.

This stone will also teach you how to use your creativity in order to create abundance. It stimulates mental clarity and raises self-esteem. Keep it in your wallet or cash register! This gemstone helps to manifest abundance by enhancing  a person’s creativity and teaching the carrier to use it in order to create an abundance in life. Creativity, is the true key to riches and this is the main characteristic of Citrine. This gem also enhances mental clarity, vitality and confidence. The best place to keep it is in your left pocket, your wallet or cash register. Citrine stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra & it’s a Gemini, Aries, Libra & Leo birthstone.

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